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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Alpha - the movie review

Alpha the movie has stunning visuals and a background score which moves you in more ways than one . The relationship which this movie explores between the father and the son as well as the lead character and the alpha has to be seen to be believed . Each shot in this movie has so many layers to it . This movie has a strong subtext to it and in today’s day , age and time .. it’s extremely important and relevant . This movie is a visual masterpiece and every frame talks even though it’s not in the language of your choice which is English . Every minute detail in terms of the clothes worn , the locale , the dialect has been looked into . This movie in a nutshell talks about the relationship between human beings and animals and how we need to co exist together instead of trying to kill each other . Last but not the least when the alpha female wolf looks into the lead characters eyes .. there is only love around and if there is one message which this wonderful movie is trying to convey .. its unconditional love always .. period. 

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