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Monday, 4 February 2013

Coffee Table Conversations

Coffee shops have a character of their own.The tables and the assorted chairs are  privy to many such a conversation.

  Diya had just cleared her junior level certification in music and the "I Love Music" t shirt she was wearing seemed like  a second skin  mirroring her euphoric state of mind  She was feeling mighty pleased with herself as it was no mean achievement and wanted to share this piece of incredulous news with Pooja who has similar leanings towards music and the creative arts. Over a steaming hot cup of coffee and mouthwatering croissants the awesome twosome  connected on music ,movies and the art of making the perfect lemon rice with just the right concoction of nuts and bolts.  They were seated bang in the middle of the coffee shop oblivious to anything happening around them. Pooja had a train to catch in a few hours for the monthly trip to her native place and she was looking forward to some much needed TLC (Tender, Love and Care) with her extended family. Cometh the moment, Cometh the time - On cue her phone silently signalled its intentions and  her He Man  at the other end checked enthusiastically if she was going to make it in time to  the railway station . Pooja and Diya  hugged and bid their good byes. Diya wanted some me time to partake in the cool environs of the coffee shop, she meandered across to the cashier and ordered a cold coffee on the rocks to calm her mangled senses. Whilst ambling back to her designated table with the cold drink in tow amidst the din of the familiar strains of rock music  from the 80's playing softly in the background, she marvelled at the awe inspiring  elegance and magnificence of the Fresco painting sharing soul space with a Tanjore mural.

   Out of the corner of her eyes , Diya noticed a nattily dressed man with his hair neatly partitioned reading  a book  interestingly titled "conversations with death". No he did not seem like a looney
 or someone who was doing substance abuse but her strong Scorpian gut feel sensed that she was on to something big, interesting and varied. She broke the ice and shared the bread read croissant with the stranger.

Diya: Hi I am Diya what's your name?
Stranger: What's in a name that which we call a rose and any other name would be just as sweet.
Diya: Thinking to herself (this stud has lost it completely and is now mouthing Shakespeare too, he seems to be a smooth talker) so do you sell or market products ?
Stranger: Yes I do I propagate love and happiness and ensure it reaches the far corners of the world.
Diya:  (sarcastically replies) -Wow so do you have a supersonic jet or you literally fly from one place to another?
Stranger: Let's just say I arrive in the nick of time irrespective of time zones
Diya:  God speed! So do you have a family ?
Stranger: The world and all its citizens are my family
Diya: (thinks - its quite endearing  and sweet) how do you take care of your family?
Stranger: I live in their dreams  and I think you sing quite well
Diya: Gosh how did he know this ... (my Oscar Moment) Yes i am happy and exhilarated to win this certificate in face of the tough competition I had from my peers. I think I have achieved what I need to and don't want this moment to end.
Stranger:  Happiness lies in enjoying what you do with passion and sincerity and I am sure you were the happiest when you were singing?
Diya:  Yes I was, are you a mind reader ?
Stranger - (Grins and in a mischievous manner) keep guessing it's for me to know and for you to guess
Diya: Are you a painter, musician , writer or from the creative arts?
Stranger: I do paint, sing, play the musical instruments and also provide my consulting services free of cost.
Diya: Totally exasperated - Oh my God ! Are you for real?
Stranger: Yes I live in the details and I spread love, cheer and happiness
Diya: You know in a surreal way you just spoke the truth and I would love to know what makes you tick. Let me grab another cup of coffee. Should I get something for you?
Stranger: Thanks I am fine and I will be waiting for you

With an extra spring in her steps Diya sprinted to the cashier and ordered an espresso. She felt happier than usual and asked the cashier whether the stranger who sat next to her table was a regular at the coffee shop. The cashier was quite bemused and asked her in clear and certain terms who she was asking about. Diya pointed out in the direction of the table and there was no one there.

Love, Life, Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan


nike2304 said...

That is indeed a thought provoking conversation Shekhar. The stranger seemed like one amongst us but on the other hand no one like I know. Guess sometimes it is important to understand what can really get us happy. Diya understood winning was not her real happiness but the fact that whenever she sings is her happiest moment.! Surely God likes in details

G3 said...

Nice little conversation and very thought provoking, indeed. When you are happy you can find god even in a coffee shop!

I like the part that the "Stranger" has straightforward one line answers and he says his consulting service is free! Now how many free advises and preaching come in meaningful one line?!! Your attention to details is commendable!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Shekhar..Enjoyed reading it...

Unknown said...

Amazing thought process :)

RAJI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Quite a Thought Boss !!!

Sonam Panda said...

Tiny but interesting with an unique ending..like it.. when i started reading, i thought it would turn into some love story.. but it was really different and nice.. A lot can happen over coffee :)

Unknown said...

Coffee with Hollow Man:)

Interesting Story!!!

Priya Gopinath said...

wow!! how many open interpretations can one make of this conversation??who is that stranger?Infact what is he?Is he the face of happiness(in the form of God) that Diya really wanted to see because she was ecstatic? Or just a good "soul" who is really around everyone giving them a few moments of excitement and happiness?! Nice!

Unknown said...

Nice, loved it every moment...Thanks

Unknown said...

Very creative and ingenious !!!

Unknown said...

Interesting conversations. Reveals Sekhar's creativity and imaginations. Let us have more encounters like this in the coffee shop and other meeting places!

Ashwin R said...

Good one.. The message has been rightly sent across...
loved this line 'Happiness lies in enjoying what you do with passion and sincerity and I am sure you were the happiest when you were singing'..
way to go...

Rama said...

An interesting conversation I assume it is with God or is it a whiff of her own imagination?
The best thing about the story is it makes one feel positive and reinforces our belief in God.

Unknown said...

Very well written!

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