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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Raj was meandering through the mind boggling traffic of the bustling metropolis unmindful of the constant yammer and chatter of the auto rickshaw driver talking non stop about the teething at the edges infrastructure which was losing its sheen every single day.Raj was a bundle of nerves : in a few minutes he would pick up his new sedan from the showroom centre positioned in MG road and in a couple of hours surprise his wife - who had no inkling on this purchase which was supposed to celebrate their five years of wedded bliss and end the day with a Chinese dinner (How he loved Indian Chinese).Raj left the office premises as per schedule reorganizing the conference calls and meetings with the ever demanding diverse and multicultural clients ensuring his evening was free for the first of the many rides in the dream machine.He had got promoted a year back thanks to the work smart not hard - dictum notwithstanding the Mrses never ending complaints of no work life balance and family planning ( yes it was always work in progress).He had zeroed down on a couple of sedans ,test driven a few and fell hook, line and sinker for the Toyota Etios which was a lot like what he wanted a car to be -stylish,irresistible, innovative ,sporty and much more. The sedan was reasonably well priced and had a smooth finish and quality to it helped in no small measure by the simple but practical design which enabled a person( irrespective of geometric proportions) to slide in and out with ease. Raj was a few metres away from the show room and his heart was pounding away.He walked into the showroom in an excited manner, exchanged pleasantries with the sales manager who wanted a photo op with him whilst the staff explained the very many varied features of the sedan .The sedan was a visual spectacle -a flaming red dream boat resplendent in all its crowning glory looking like a be-jewelled wife ready to go for a joy ride .Raj parked himself in the drivers seat taking a moment in what seemed like an eternity to admire the upholstery ,leather embellished steering wheel and the blue back lighting of the odometer which looked mesmerizing and ominous in the afterglow of the evening. He revved up the engine feeling his way albeit slowly through the huge gates of the car showroom exchanging a smile with the

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Break the chain

Break the chain

We are living in interesting times.Not too long ago we were a country headed by a woman president and had four powerful members of the fairer sex as chief ministers for certain states which quite ironically is a telling statement on where we stand in terms of safety for women.Bangalore is what I call home and I have been living in this sprawling metropolis for the last 13 years loving each and every moment of it. Bangalore has undergone a sea change akin to an old banyan tree. The tree with its deep roots accommodating itself to the change which is currently happening at the speed of light around it with the only constant being the safety for women which has reached it's lowest nadir. Our society which in simple terms is a a group of people related to each other through persistent relations dominated by cultural expectations with the women quite paradoxically transforming themselves from bread makers to breadwinners in a male dominated stratosphere plagued by increasingly inane and anarchic thoughts. Rome interestingly was also a society which was never built in a day which brings me to to the moot point on how can Bangalore be a safe haven for women. I have listed 6 key points which can make a big difference and increase the plight and safety of the she women. 

Education- the government should partner publicly and privately with NGO's , Human Right activists and corporate companies in ensuring the vast populace of Bangalore is given basic and primary education at a subsidised cost. 

Law and order- There needs to be a larger representation of women in the armed forces. The police stations should make the filing of an first information report as seamless as possible with minimum paperwork and a a process driven approach backed by a solid team of analyst and experts transitioning to cases in courts which should be redressed immediately with a quick resolution. There should be increased policing after evening hours with police in plain clothes manning vulnerable and crowded areas.

Public infrastructure- Public infrastructure is the lifeline of  a metropolis like Bangalore. The toilets,buses,metro service and auto rickshaws are the touch points for most of the female populace using these modes of transportation and facilities on an everyday basis. Strict action should be taken against individuals who resort to Eve teasing, writing graffiti with the police maintaining a strict vigil and employing A clear and strong approach for repeat offenders. There  needs to be a 24 hour manned fully functional helpline which should be advertised and promoted