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Tuesday, 2 August 2016



That kind of day where there was absolutely no traffic on the streets of bangalore because of a bandh and for a brief fleeting nano second of a moment you start missing the traffic and then it rained ...

The #Shinewithbosch event which was held at the Royal Orchid Hotel Lawns and organised by Krafting Success Productions was different from the rest .You were greeted by an assorted variety of vehicles which looked like they hadnt seen ek boondh ka paani for quite some time .The vehicles were ergonomically stationed in just the right manner ( link & picture attached -https://twitter.com/shevititan/status/759265360159862785  with the two wheeler , hatchback and the SUV sharing screenspace to get maximum eye balls.

The event started bang on time with all the reviewers waiting to get their hands dirty literally, figuratively and metaphorically. The Emcee urging the assortment of bloggers and reviewers to come over have a dekkho and clean up the mess .The Vehicles though dirty had a strange beauty which required a #selfiemoment with them and they gladly  obliged (link &picture attached https://twitter.com/shevititan/status/759273623106519040.

Age is just a number , its the spirit that counts and everyone was invited to come over and put mud on the vehicles and then the most interesting part of the clean up . We all love playing with water. We played our version of holi with a modern day pichkari aka a high pressure washer which was hugely efficient , easy to navigate , light and simple . (Link and picture attached https://twitter.com/shevititan/status/759278705537581056

We were shown different models of the high pressure washer and what i liked was how the product was integrated with the event wherein everyone was urged , encouraged to have a go at cleaning the vehicles using the different combinations of the high pressure washers.

Rain did not want to miss out on the fun and it looked like the raingods also wanted to do their two bits in cleaning up which forced all of us to take solace whilst the discussion during the lunch break was all about Bosch's new products , its configurations and the pricing

Everyone had a good product experience at the launch of the high pressure washers looking at the smiles of all the bloggers, reviewers gathered there . After all who doesnt like playing with water and cleaning up.( Link & picture attached -https://twitter.com/shevititan/status/759287423356456961

 The range of high pressure washers looked they were invented for life making it a fun experience for everyone. If you are looking at getting your vehicles clean and dry come rain or shine ..Bosch's high powered washers might just work for you ..