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Monday, 4 February 2013

Coffee Table Conversations

Coffee shops have a character of their own.The tables and the assorted chairs are  privy to many such a conversation.

  Diya had just cleared her junior level certification in music and the "I Love Music" t shirt she was wearing seemed like  a second skin  mirroring her euphoric state of mind  She was feeling mighty pleased with herself as it was no mean achievement and wanted to share this piece of incredulous news with Pooja who has similar leanings towards music and the creative arts. Over a steaming hot cup of coffee and mouthwatering croissants the awesome twosome  connected on music ,movies and the art of making the perfect lemon rice with just the right concoction of nuts and bolts.  They were seated bang in the middle of the coffee shop oblivious to anything happening around them. Pooja had a train to catch in a few hours for the monthly trip to her native place and she was looking forward to some much needed TLC (Tender, Love and Care) with her extended family. Cometh the moment, Cometh the time - On cue her phone silently signalled its intentions and  her He Man  at the other end checked enthusiastically if she was going to make it in time to  the railway station . Pooja and Diya  hugged and bid their good byes. Diya wanted some me time to partake in the cool environs of the coffee shop, she meandered across to the cashier and ordered a cold coffee on the rocks to calm her mangled senses. Whilst ambling back to her designated table with the cold drink in tow amidst the din of the familiar strains of rock music  from the 80's playing softly in the background, she marvelled at the awe inspiring  elegance and magnificence of the Fresco painting sharing soul space with a Tanjore mural.

   Out of the corner of her eyes , Diya noticed a nattily dressed man with his hair neatly partitioned reading  a book  interestingly titled "conversations with death". No he did not seem like a looney