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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Radio Moment

My radio jockeying moment with a local radio station here in Bangalore. I got to play the music of my choice and talk my way through. Listen in to an eclectic playlist and hum along. please click on the hyperlinks and enjoy the music.

Hope you liked my sound bites.

1) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-00-00-s

2) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-15-00-s

3) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-30-00-s

4) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-45-00-s

Love,Life,Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Summer of 69

Purani jeans aur Guitar ...Yes that's the song from a non descript pakistani  musician which comes to my mind when I think of school and college days specifically college. Technology was at a nascent stage when I was a student peeping out of school  shorts and college was a surreal experience. It would have been nice if there were search engines with seamless Internet access  for getting access to online forums for white papers and projects. I wish the schools and colleges had created an Eco system where education was not teaching based while nowadays students are conditioned to think on their own, enpowered with the right kind of tools to make a decision. The -anthem we lived by "We don't need no education " from the rock band which had a tone and colour of its own - "pink flloyd" would have taken a totally different turn around another alley if technology had been an abiding partner. The physical infrastructure and the state of the art facilities which is omnipresent in the current school and colleges was not there a decade ago but then if wishes could be horses we would be galloping on them! School was fun purely for the reason being that Nothing can beat the sheer thrill of waiting for the lunch hour bell to ring for digging into our mates tiffin box. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Yeh dil "Mango" more

   The mango clan was becoming too big for its boots and the rest of the fruits wanted to teach the luscious and seductive mangoes a strong lesson.The mango clan always enjoyed top billing and held a coveted position which did not go down too well with the rest of the other fruits.The disgruntled fruit clan wanted to enter into a war of words with the mango clan - the winner being crowned -the king of fruits by a third party - the hardworking ants.The mangoes were non plussed and Alphonso as the leader decided  to take on the non existent challenge from the sundry other fruits. It was a particularly hot and muggy day with the sun shining in all its glory while the rest of the fruits were ready to fire their first salvo at the mango clan.

   Banana- I am a good source of energy for the tired soul and also dubbed as the poor man's fruit.What about you Mr Mango? You are totally out of shape and heavily over prized.
   Alphonso egged on by the rest of the mango ilk- I am healthy looking and from a well fed family! I charge a premium for my services because there is more to me than just what meets the eye. The banana was about to respond when the Oranges  retorted-I am fresh,have a sunny disposition and  i am also a colour to boot with an affinity towards optimism and adventure. Alphonso quick on the draw replied -i am an aspirational fruit for everyone.You love me or hate me but you cannot ignore me.The orange nodded to himself- such arrogance. The apples were clued in to the conversation and took centre stage. The apples spoke in a rather hurried voice - if it wasn't for us - Adam and Eve wouldn't have got together and done a hum do hamare do,char aur barah( now you do the maths). Alphonso-Ho Hum thanks Chief for the population explosion!!! We were going along well till you came by and spoiled the equation.Haven't you heard of the saying -"One rotten apple spoils the barrel" ?

    The mangoes looked  distracted and a little jealous with Alphonso hogging the limelight.Alphonso true to his nature as a leader with great pedigree motivated and tried to inspire his mango troops -We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore . We will be united in our common interests. perhaps its fate and our moment of truth that today we will be crowned the king of fruits.We will be fighting for our moment in the sun, we will live on and we will survive. The mangoes enthused by the sudden burst of energy were firing on all cylinders,their voices hoarse with a familiar war chant -" Soda ,Lemon, Ginger Pop ,Mangoes are on the top" not giving a moment of respite for  the rest of the fruits in the sweltering heat which couldn't carry on because of lack of imagination and dehydration. The wide eyed ants who were watching the side show with nervous anticipation crowned the mangoes - the king of all fruits unanimously without any hesitation. The  mangoes gave a high five to Mr Alphonso and  a knowing wink to the sun up above for giving them all the power and strength to gamely carry on whilst the ants bit into their soft exterior and sucked the sweet nectar with gusto.

Love,Life,Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan