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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The hatchback story

Veer had just recieved the appointment letter to his dream job in the media publication firm . A celebration at the tony coffee shop eatery  would be the best antidote to cool his happy nerves. He was on schedule to meet Naina an aspiring artist with a keen sense of fashion  who was equally as excited as him and was expected to arrive at the coffee shop in some time . Over a steaming hot cappuchino  and assorted cupcakes Veer was seated right in front of the idiot box watching his favourite team battle it out - Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team was locking horns with the Delhi Daredevils cricket team in the IPl tournament which was going on at the iconic Eden Gardens ground in Kolkata .He was a die hard Kolkata Knight Rider fan and loved the fulsome passion and fighting spirit the team was brimming with. During the innings break impatiently waiting for the call from Naina ,Veer noticed a flaming red hatchback trying to squeeze itself in between the other size zero  mean machines with minimum effort  and maximum eyeballs .In the interim the telly suddenly lost vision and the friendly staff at the coffee shop were on the job to get  it up and running.  Just at that precise moment the heavens opened up and it was a sight to behold - to see a flash of red amidst a riot of other virgin colours with the pitter patter of the raindrops melancholily tap dancing and  serenading the cobbled streets . The gentleman, wearing a suit which was cut from the finest fabric  strode manfully towards the coffee shop swaying to a beat of his own.He seemed oblivious to the many manifold reactions the  hatchback was generating in everyone's minds ranging from  wow " sex on wheels" to " über cool car" . He parked his backside in a table close to Veer's ensuring the colourful hatch batch got his undivided attention. There was something mysterious and equally enigmatic  about this man dressed in a black suit complemented with a red tie adorning  garfield's smug mug ... Veer got inquisitive and how.

The conversation was as follows
Veer:Hey your car looks as cute as a button
Stranger: Oh it sure is and I get to drive and live my dreams everyday
Veer: Accha ! Toh aap sapno ke saudagar ho?
Stranger: with a dimpled grin " well I may just go down in history as the man who charmed others with his dreams"
Veer: I would love to have a closer look at your mean machine
Stranger: Can you handle it?
Veer:Sure I am game
Stranger: Cheerio .We can also go for a drive around the streets

Veer needed  a caffeine boost and the stranger also looked like he needed one. Quickly settling the bill with the cashier Veer grabbed two cups of coffee and ambled across to the stranger.The twosome walked towards the hatchback excitedly. Veer was just about getting into the passenger seat when the stranger surprisingly threw the car keys and asked him if he was man enough to drive.Veer - Sir can you trust me with your car. Stranger- I want to share my enthusiasm and love for the car with you. Veer did not need a second invitation and looked on at the car keys - it was foldable, quite different from the rest of the car keys he had seen . They exchanged seats and Veer took in the plush red upholstery bolstered by the sharp and edgy dark brown coloured dashboard which added class and finish to the well crafted leather steering wheel and yes there was ample head room  in the hatchback .The two of them  safely deposited the coffee cups in the ergonomically designed cubbyhole near the handbrake ( Veer remarking to himself - its a small enhancement but very handy). The soft purr of the engine did not give any indication that the engine had started . The stranger gave him a once over look suggesting the engine is on and Veer needed to get going. Incidentally there was no voice or vibration of the engine when it was idle which was quite remarkable .Veer manoeuvred the car expertly out of the tight parking space without breaking into any cold sweat. The hatch back felt incredibly light and agile and was able to flit in and out of the gaps in the afternoon traffic with ease helped in no small measure with the sudden downpour. The stranger was looking on rather bemusedly partaking In the thrill and joie de vivre of Veer when suddenly out of the blue  Veer sighted a stray dog crossing the road and braked with all his might and brought the car to a grinding halt. The stranger gave Veer a look which suggested - you almost had me. Veer changed the gear and quite liked the seamless manner in which the  chrome fitted gear knob fit his left hand like a kid glove. The ride also had a musical tone with the stranger whistling in synch to " Uptown girl " playing on a friendly radio station and his fluffy hair supplementing the free spirited bonhomie by swaying in the wind .The mobile phone signalled its intentions silently and on cue Veer received a call . The pristine and customer centric voice at the other end enquired whether Veer liked the test ride. Veer was pleasantly surprised and asked rather inquisitively how on earth did anyone know he is going on a test drive. The call gets disconnected and he  looks at the stranger inquiringly whether he would know the answer. The stranger is staring blankly outside at the vibrant and colourful rainbow. He replies back with a cryptic one liner " some questions are best left unanswered". Veer navigates the hatchback back to the comfortable parking spot outside the coffee shop and steps out to the warm and moist smell of mud ( after rain) thanking the stranger profusely on the ride of a lifetime and when he would get to see him again. The stranger gives a knowing grin and remarks" new thinking and new possibilities "and snaps his fingers before Veer can say Robin Hood.Veer gets a call from Naina who is quite animated and angry with him for not answering her calls.

Naina: So where were you?
Veer: I went to heaven and back ( grins)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Radio Moment

My radio jockeying moment with a local radio station here in Bangalore. I got to play the music of my choice and talk my way through. Listen in to an eclectic playlist and hum along. please click on the hyperlinks and enjoy the music.

Hope you liked my sound bites.

1) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-00-00-s

2) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-15-00-s

3) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-30-00-s

4) https://soundcloud.com/shekharvijayan/2013-03-27-11-45-00-s

Love,Life,Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Summer of 69

Purani jeans aur Guitar ...Yes that's the song from a non descript pakistani  musician which comes to my mind when I think of school and college days specifically college. Technology was at a nascent stage when I was a student peeping out of school  shorts and college was a surreal experience. It would have been nice if there were search engines with seamless Internet access  for getting access to online forums for white papers and projects. I wish the schools and colleges had created an Eco system where education was not teaching based while nowadays students are conditioned to think on their own, enpowered with the right kind of tools to make a decision. The -anthem we lived by "We don't need no education " from the rock band which had a tone and colour of its own - "pink flloyd" would have taken a totally different turn around another alley if technology had been an abiding partner. The physical infrastructure and the state of the art facilities which is omnipresent in the current school and colleges was not there a decade ago but then if wishes could be horses we would be galloping on them! School was fun purely for the reason being that Nothing can beat the sheer thrill of waiting for the lunch hour bell to ring for digging into our mates tiffin box. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Yeh dil "Mango" more

   The mango clan was becoming too big for its boots and the rest of the fruits wanted to teach the luscious and seductive mangoes a strong lesson.The mango clan always enjoyed top billing and held a coveted position which did not go down too well with the rest of the other fruits.The disgruntled fruit clan wanted to enter into a war of words with the mango clan - the winner being crowned -the king of fruits by a third party - the hardworking ants.The mangoes were non plussed and Alphonso as the leader decided  to take on the non existent challenge from the sundry other fruits. It was a particularly hot and muggy day with the sun shining in all its glory while the rest of the fruits were ready to fire their first salvo at the mango clan.

   Banana- I am a good source of energy for the tired soul and also dubbed as the poor man's fruit.What about you Mr Mango? You are totally out of shape and heavily over prized.
   Alphonso egged on by the rest of the mango ilk- I am healthy looking and from a well fed family! I charge a premium for my services because there is more to me than just what meets the eye. The banana was about to respond when the Oranges  retorted-I am fresh,have a sunny disposition and  i am also a colour to boot with an affinity towards optimism and adventure. Alphonso quick on the draw replied -i am an aspirational fruit for everyone.You love me or hate me but you cannot ignore me.The orange nodded to himself- such arrogance. The apples were clued in to the conversation and took centre stage. The apples spoke in a rather hurried voice - if it wasn't for us - Adam and Eve wouldn't have got together and done a hum do hamare do,char aur barah( now you do the maths). Alphonso-Ho Hum thanks Chief for the population explosion!!! We were going along well till you came by and spoiled the equation.Haven't you heard of the saying -"One rotten apple spoils the barrel" ?

    The mangoes looked  distracted and a little jealous with Alphonso hogging the limelight.Alphonso true to his nature as a leader with great pedigree motivated and tried to inspire his mango troops -We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore . We will be united in our common interests. perhaps its fate and our moment of truth that today we will be crowned the king of fruits.We will be fighting for our moment in the sun, we will live on and we will survive. The mangoes enthused by the sudden burst of energy were firing on all cylinders,their voices hoarse with a familiar war chant -" Soda ,Lemon, Ginger Pop ,Mangoes are on the top" not giving a moment of respite for  the rest of the fruits in the sweltering heat which couldn't carry on because of lack of imagination and dehydration. The wide eyed ants who were watching the side show with nervous anticipation crowned the mangoes - the king of all fruits unanimously without any hesitation. The  mangoes gave a high five to Mr Alphonso and  a knowing wink to the sun up above for giving them all the power and strength to gamely carry on whilst the ants bit into their soft exterior and sucked the sweet nectar with gusto.

Love,Life,Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan

Friday, 31 May 2013

The. Virgin Poet

An evening at Urban Solace - a haven for poets .My first shot at a poetry reading session amongst a live wire audience - high on matters of the heart and words.

Please click on the below link for the video


Love, Life,Luck and Laughter,
Shekhar Vijayan

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An ode to all the lovers

Does love have a form? Does it follow a norm? Is love all pervading and still a mystery for many? Does it create a vacuum and make us long to look at the whole wide world with rosé tinted glasses? I am in the midst of the valley of the flowers amongst the likes of sunflowers,daffodils and chrysanthemums which are swaying to a beat of their own unmindful of the cool and harsh climes. I long for the smell of that elusive flower, the smell of mud after the first shower and the first kiss which should never last and remain eternal for its entirety. Love,Life,luck and laughter, Shekhar Vijayan

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Indian Premiere League 2013 - 1st Match review ( Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders)

Like all the previous editions of the IPl, this edition too started with a bang. Delhi daredevils captained by Mahela Jayawardene was asked to bat first on a slow and low Eden gardens track. Unmukt Chand opened the innings for Delhi Daredevils - the India under 19 captain was beaten fair and square first ball by Brett Lee- a lovely out swinger pinging the off stump taking the rapturous 70 thousand plus crowd (packed liked sardines) by surprise. David Warner who had a miserable test tour of India till a month back tried to slog his way out of trouble ending up edging a catch to first slip to a sharp off-spinner from Sunil Narine. Andre Russell who could be a game changer for the Daredevils in the forthcoming fixtures was outfoxed by his West Indian team mate offering a meek return catch. The talented Irfan Pathan ended up giving catching practice to the fielder at long off. Ashish Nehra tried the typical tail ender’s shot holing out in the deep. Sunil Narine ending up nailing four Delhi Daredevil wickets. Sunil was used quite effectively by Gautam. The mystery spinner (named after the great Sunil Gavaskar) bowled a wicked line befuddling the Daredevils batsmen. He was helped in no small measure by the nagging pace and accuracy of Rajat Bhatia bowling a mix of slow balls and off cutters. Jayawardene who was at the non strikers end while the wickets were falling around him like nine pins adjusted his game according to the pitch: no expansive strokes, ran the singles hard ,gave the impression that he was a master surgeon at work with the effortless manner in which he bisected the gaps using more artistry than power in the shortest format of the game especially

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Raj was meandering through the mind boggling traffic of the bustling metropolis unmindful of the constant yammer and chatter of the auto rickshaw driver talking non stop about the teething at the edges infrastructure which was losing its sheen every single day.Raj was a bundle of nerves : in a few minutes he would pick up his new sedan from the showroom centre positioned in MG road and in a couple of hours surprise his wife - who had no inkling on this purchase which was supposed to celebrate their five years of wedded bliss and end the day with a Chinese dinner (How he loved Indian Chinese).Raj left the office premises as per schedule reorganizing the conference calls and meetings with the ever demanding diverse and multicultural clients ensuring his evening was free for the first of the many rides in the dream machine.He had got promoted a year back thanks to the work smart not hard - dictum notwithstanding the Mrses never ending complaints of no work life balance and family planning ( yes it was always work in progress).He had zeroed down on a couple of sedans ,test driven a few and fell hook, line and sinker for the Toyota Etios which was a lot like what he wanted a car to be -stylish,irresistible, innovative ,sporty and much more. The sedan was reasonably well priced and had a smooth finish and quality to it helped in no small measure by the simple but practical design which enabled a person( irrespective of geometric proportions) to slide in and out with ease. Raj was a few metres away from the show room and his heart was pounding away.He walked into the showroom in an excited manner, exchanged pleasantries with the sales manager who wanted a photo op with him whilst the staff explained the very many varied features of the sedan .The sedan was a visual spectacle -a flaming red dream boat resplendent in all its crowning glory looking like a be-jewelled wife ready to go for a joy ride .Raj parked himself in the drivers seat taking a moment in what seemed like an eternity to admire the upholstery ,leather embellished steering wheel and the blue back lighting of the odometer which looked mesmerizing and ominous in the afterglow of the evening. He revved up the engine feeling his way albeit slowly through the huge gates of the car showroom exchanging a smile with the

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Break the chain

Break the chain

We are living in interesting times.Not too long ago we were a country headed by a woman president and had four powerful members of the fairer sex as chief ministers for certain states which quite ironically is a telling statement on where we stand in terms of safety for women.Bangalore is what I call home and I have been living in this sprawling metropolis for the last 13 years loving each and every moment of it. Bangalore has undergone a sea change akin to an old banyan tree. The tree with its deep roots accommodating itself to the change which is currently happening at the speed of light around it with the only constant being the safety for women which has reached it's lowest nadir. Our society which in simple terms is a a group of people related to each other through persistent relations dominated by cultural expectations with the women quite paradoxically transforming themselves from bread makers to breadwinners in a male dominated stratosphere plagued by increasingly inane and anarchic thoughts. Rome interestingly was also a society which was never built in a day which brings me to to the moot point on how can Bangalore be a safe haven for women. I have listed 6 key points which can make a big difference and increase the plight and safety of the she women. 

Education- the government should partner publicly and privately with NGO's , Human Right activists and corporate companies in ensuring the vast populace of Bangalore is given basic and primary education at a subsidised cost. 

Law and order- There needs to be a larger representation of women in the armed forces. The police stations should make the filing of an first information report as seamless as possible with minimum paperwork and a a process driven approach backed by a solid team of analyst and experts transitioning to cases in courts which should be redressed immediately with a quick resolution. There should be increased policing after evening hours with police in plain clothes manning vulnerable and crowded areas.

Public infrastructure- Public infrastructure is the lifeline of  a metropolis like Bangalore. The toilets,buses,metro service and auto rickshaws are the touch points for most of the female populace using these modes of transportation and facilities on an everyday basis. Strict action should be taken against individuals who resort to Eve teasing, writing graffiti with the police maintaining a strict vigil and employing A clear and strong approach for repeat offenders. There  needs to be a 24 hour manned fully functional helpline which should be advertised and promoted

Monday, 4 February 2013

Coffee Table Conversations

Coffee shops have a character of their own.The tables and the assorted chairs are  privy to many such a conversation.

  Diya had just cleared her junior level certification in music and the "I Love Music" t shirt she was wearing seemed like  a second skin  mirroring her euphoric state of mind  She was feeling mighty pleased with herself as it was no mean achievement and wanted to share this piece of incredulous news with Pooja who has similar leanings towards music and the creative arts. Over a steaming hot cup of coffee and mouthwatering croissants the awesome twosome  connected on music ,movies and the art of making the perfect lemon rice with just the right concoction of nuts and bolts.  They were seated bang in the middle of the coffee shop oblivious to anything happening around them. Pooja had a train to catch in a few hours for the monthly trip to her native place and she was looking forward to some much needed TLC (Tender, Love and Care) with her extended family. Cometh the moment, Cometh the time - On cue her phone silently signalled its intentions and  her He Man  at the other end checked enthusiastically if she was going to make it in time to  the railway station . Pooja and Diya  hugged and bid their good byes. Diya wanted some me time to partake in the cool environs of the coffee shop, she meandered across to the cashier and ordered a cold coffee on the rocks to calm her mangled senses. Whilst ambling back to her designated table with the cold drink in tow amidst the din of the familiar strains of rock music  from the 80's playing softly in the background, she marvelled at the awe inspiring  elegance and magnificence of the Fresco painting sharing soul space with a Tanjore mural.

   Out of the corner of her eyes , Diya noticed a nattily dressed man with his hair neatly partitioned reading  a book  interestingly titled "conversations with death". No he did not seem like a looney

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Love is all around me

Hi Netizens,

I  also write on movies for a website by the name of  www.madaboutmoviez.com

I have written a story around a strong four letter word  and the common thread it has with our songs from the movies. Have a look and spread some Love. It's been originally  published in the above mentioned website on Jan 17, 2013

the link is - http://www.madaboutmoviez.com/2013/01/love-is-all-around-me/

Love, Life, Luck and Laughter
Shekhar Vijayan

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chunnu Munnu di Pappa di Gaddi

A Bike is a Bike and then there is a Bullet.
What is it about bikes (geared and un-geared) that has a connect with us mere mortals? Is it the wild spirit of freedom and independence it gives and a sense of balance on two wheels or just the pure un-adulterated and bohemian joy of riding? During my growing up years like many of you I went through the same gamut of emotions when I got my first cycle during my schooling followed by getting a motorbike during my last year in college which was not an easy task as my late father was hell bent on getting me a scooter thanks to a bunch of underachieving sycophants in his office (that explains the tag line Chunni Munnu Di Papa Di Gaddi) which was very uncle type and and I just couldn’t see myself driving into college in a scooter. Lo I woke up and I rebelled in the way I could –cajoled and sweet talked my mom and sister into making the motorbike the dinner table conversation and getting Dad to change his preference. Yes I did get the motorbike and it was one helluva ride. The bike in question was a Yamaha RX 100 and it was a dream on wheels in all aspects from the engine to the top speed of 120 mph (yes it was a key differentiator).
With time I evolved in more ways than one (facial fuzz turned into 5'0 clock shadow for starters) and my love for motorbikes also underwent a sea change.

The Yamaha gave way to a Bullet and I was spell bound by it. The bike was a connoisseur’s delight- it had old world charm written all around it. It's aristocratic black and gold insignia and thumping engine made my heart skip a beat and marvel on the technical wizardry. It was regal and if the bike could speak –only class would ooze from every nut and bolt. Legend has it that this bike is handcrafted by skilled technicians with love, engineered with purpose and