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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Run for your lives

I was looking forward to world environment day on 1st of June 2014 with wide eyed excitement for a plethora of reasons . I tip toed out of my teen batti flat before daylight could strike  ( yes the tube light takes a long time to light up quite like when lightning strikes .. You are still waiting for thunder to come and deliver its yeoman services) without waking up the missus and the Teri meherbaniyan meets Marley sunshine who were snoring in synch snuggled in their blankets which had seen better days . The chowkidar was dreaming  of momos  , zeenat aman and amitabh bachchan singing their version of " pyar mein dil pe Mar de goli Lele meri jaan " till He was shaken out of his musical stupor by yours truly and suddenly out of nowhere he puts his hands together and does a namaste which might indicate that he had seen a lot of rajshri movies and must be trolling alok nath on twitter. Pleasantries exchanged with the night watchman and off I was zooming away in my Japanese vehicle to the ergonomically located Mother Earth store in inner ring road dumlur . The Mother Earth store was a Bustle of activity with the strong women folk taking charge and how .. Organizing a run is no mean task , you have to push people out of their comfort zone ( literally and metaphorically) and the weather in Bangalore does not really help.. But it was inspiring to see the women folk ( more power to you) taking charge and really kickstarting the event. The volunteers , the support groups and the paparazzi were in full attendance to support and complement the run for trees event and from the looks of it it was a sure shot winner.  It was an awe inspiring moment to see kids who were barely eight years old standing shoulder to shoulder to ladies and gents who were in their twilight of their life . There was a humanitarian purpose behind this run which ensured that for every runner who registered  ,a tree would be planted on his / her behalf . I was totally taken in by the wide array of colours which were displayed from head to toe across the event - psychedelic , neon, flashes of red engulfed in sea of white t shirts  which had " run for trees  flashing at you from all four corners. The sense of relief a runner gets when he or she completes their run and also goes on to ace it is to be seen to be believed .. Yes it truly was a Forrest Gump  meets bhaag milkha bhaag run .The awards distribution was a " you don't win the silver but lose the gold" moment with the loudest cheers reserved for all the participants and yours truly getting into his act of working up the crowd using his own brand of mojo and kinetic energy.The event ended with photo op sessions, selfies and cheerful bonhomie with a " I will see you when I see you moment "

Love,life,luck and loads of laughter,
Shekhar vijayan