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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Braveheart- You Live on

Brave heart – You live on

What a sad way to end 2012

I woke up this morning with a bad headache which worsened looking at the headlines streaming across the social as well as print media. Yes I am referring to the 23 year old  rape victim and now survivor who got gang raped in a gruesome manner and has brought the nation to a standstill because of her untimely death This is not a one off case and the bastardly act has touched the entire geo political landscape  across India eons ago.
The idiot box and the social media is abuzz with demonstrations and RIP messages streaming across all spectrums for the Brave Heart (  Sad-we don’t even know her real name ) whose plight and misery due to the Rape resonates with the entire nation irrespective of class or caste standing shoulder to shoulder. The visual media may have gone a bit overboard with the emotional rhetoric but heck if that’s what it takes to make the white elephant dance … then so be it.
Spare a thought for the 23 year old rape survivor (I prefer the moniker- survivor instead of victim though she does not live to see the change) who would not live to see the dreams, live a fuller and a larger life because of some random beasts who decided to rob the girl of her modesty in the worst possible act in a  grotesque manner. I feel gutted and shamed when I read the graphic details of the rape and it sends a shiver down my throat and entire being.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shakaal ka koi baap nahi hota hain

While flipping through the numerous channels on the television I spotted on an old re-run of the 80’s multi ---starrer -Shaan and it got me thinking what is it about this campy movie that the channel plays endlessly every weekend to garner eye balls and TRP's.

Shaan was directed by Ramesh Sippy , yes the man who made  the inimitable spaghetti curry western Sholay and I am sure his epitaph would surely read “here lies the man who made Sholay and the rest is history”. Shaan was an entertaining film in all aspects- Stellar Star Cast lead by the likes of Sunil Dutt , Rakhee , immensely likeable Johnny Walker and the Trimurthi of Shotgun Sinha , Shashi Kapoor and yes of course the Superstar Par Excellence – Amitabh Bachchan complemented in no small measure by Parveen Bhabhi ( she could kill it in a silver gown) and the lively Bindhya Gowswami.