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Friday, 20 November 2015

Spectre....and the lack of it

James Bond - I have come to kill you
Villain - I thought you have come to die
James Bond - it's a matter of perception

Everything has a sell by date .. But James Bond.. It's a matter of perception and that's what was running in my mind through a blocked nose and a noisy neighbour who was munching on her Black Forest cake ..she was bribed by her mom so that big momma could watch Daniel Craig strut his stuff in sharp tailored suits. Bond movies are all about moments and one expects the start to set the pattern but it just didn't work for me .. The sound track overlapped the opening sequence and it just didn't provide the thrill which earlier bond avatars provided. The topography of the locales were top notch but then if you are going for a bond movie .. You expect the best and some semblance of a story . The story attempts too many things and one finds mention of characters of previous movies in this spectre which is not a bad thing but it also takes focus out of the primary plot . I was looking out for Monica bellucii and her appearance was like that kiss which could have lingered a little bit longer if bond was not in a hurry to put his best foot forward and jump onto another continent ." M " has a pained expression throughout this movie and "Q" with his sardonic lines and his penchant for creating all things fast and furious creates the car which can go for 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and I was thinking of a Suzuki shogun which could do the same in our Indian roads . Speed thrills but the car chase sequence .. fell flat. One of the villains who looked like a machine dressed in pin stripes for a strange reason reminded me of Big Arun Lal ( yeah that cricketer who was stuck in a time warp and could not do " the back to the future journey " ) and that hand to hand combat between him and Mr Bond in the middle of the train journey was like a drum roll for WWE minus the hyperbole.

The second heroine who went by the moniker of Madeleine Swan had a thing for glitter and for a doctor she had a glum expression throughout this ordeal ..I would have loved to see more scenes of bond with Money Penny and she was right on the penny with her colour coordinated outfits . This movie could have been much more but alas .. And now that man - christoph waltz who can charm you into drinking milk   Was a match for Bond but it left a lot to be desired . He could waltz his way to your heart with his diction and impeccable dialogue delivery but his screen time was blown to smithereens literarily , figuratively and metaphorically

This bond movie could have been much better ...Its time for the original Caveman in a suit to brush up his act and save the world and it's adopted brother again

Mr bond it's been nice knowing you .. I will see you when I see you