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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bosch Advanced Aquatak Launch in Cochin

Sharp, Sturdy and precise are the kind of names one would give  to Bosch Products and on one particular overcast morning I was flown into the beautiful , pristine and green Ramada Resorts in Cochin. There were cars which had weathered time desperately needing a scrub waiting for our presence. The clean up area was abuzz with excitement. Everyone wanted to channelize their Holi  pichkari moves using the latest line of Bosch Advanced Aquatak Launch . The products ergonomically and aerodynamically designed would have pleased the hearts of a lot of motorbike and car enthusiasts for the ease with which it could be handled.

The products in question were the Universal Aquatak 120, Universal Aquatak 125, Universal Aquatak 130 , Universal Aquatak 135 , advanced Aquatak 150 and advanced Aquatak 160 high pressure washers and they were doing a splendid job in terms of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. The high pressured washers differed from one another in terms of water flow rates of 350 to 410 liters per hour as well as maximum pressures that range from 120 bar to 135 bar, thereby offering the versatility and the power needed for different cleaning applications.

Links on a video whilst travelling and using the Bosch Products- 

Users have a plethora of options, they could chose  from a tried and tested fan jet , a rotary jet and now a new high pressure pencil jet which was particularly useful in removing dirt all over. This enabled the cleaning foam produced to be evenly distributed evenly and quickly over the surface to be cleaned. With the advanced Aquatak 150 and advanced aquatak 160 , Bosch is stretching the limits with two powerful and robust tools for cleaning of dirt anywhere and everywhere. The two models in question  feature a four cylinder “ Quad “ pump which is efficient to the core and has been designed very effectively. The advanced models are light, compact and can be moved and transported easily.
As an influencer and as a blogger I could get my hands dirty- literally, figuratively and metaphorically  whilst using  the high pressure washers in  cleaning up all the cars and bikes on display using minimum effort . One felt like an European artist who just had the precise tools to make a difference and clean the dirt all around. The product is priced reasonably well across the length and breadth of india from INR -7,600/- to INR-35,000/-

Last but certainly not the least The team from Bosch were extremely supportive and sporting (game for a plank too)..Yeah that kind of day 

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