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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Trappedthemovie - the review

Rajkummar Rao has bled literally , figuratively and metaphorically in this movie . Trapped the movie works on the premise which has happened with all of us .The lead actor quite interestingly goes by the name of Shaurya and from the looks of it the only brave deed he would have done is asking the girl in his office out for for a butter soaked pav bhaji which becomes an inspiration in the end .Rajkumar through a sleigh of misfortune  gets stuck with a tricky situation which is a test of character for him on all levels . The movie shows how the protagonist navigates his way through this ordeal dealing with a power struggle , deaf people around him and under him and a rat  . One particular scene where Rajkummar Rao goes through the entire gamut of emotions whilst dealing with the aggression of fire and the calming influence of water stays with you .  This movie is not for the faint hearted ... catapults , cardboard boxes , cockroaches and pigeons have more than a passing shot in this thriller. As a viewer you see the film through the tiring but brave eyes of Shaurya .. and let's face it .. if you are stuck in a similar situation what would you do ?This movie is similar and dissimilar with films like castaway and 127 hours as they dealt with nature .. here he is right in the middle of a concrete jungle
and trapped . That's the irony of it . The movie is edited in a crisp manner with the background score adding it's own flavour .It goes without saying Rajkumarr Rao brings blood , sweat and toil in this role .

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